Who We Are

The KAIBEX project

Kaiba DeFi's KaibEx swap incorporates proprietary gas-efficient smart contract technology. Our mission is to restore affordability to users of Ethereum Mainnet by minimizing the fees associated with transactions.

Enhancing Blockchain

Kaiba Lighting Chain

Our Layer 1 blockchain, KLC, is built carefully by using EVM compatible binaries to ensure 100% compatibility with the tools you are already used to. Shifting the paradigm from fee-based earning towards a DAO centered governance allows us to offer you the first competitive gasless blockchain.

  • Public Supply 54%
  • Team Allocation 5%
  • Treasury Reserves 15,1%
  • Burnt 23,9%

$KAIBA Token Utility

The Kaiba Economy

$KAIBA is the native currency of the Kaiba DeFi ecosystem, and is used for the low cost of fees on our proprietary Lightning Chain. In addition, holders of $KAIBA are rewarded with access to advanced features on our products, and are also eligible for exclusive airdrops and partner promotions.

Total Supply: 76,110,778 $KAIBA (more than 23,000,000 $KAIBA has been destroyed)

The $KAIBA Token


Our proprietary gas-optimizing technology is already integrated into $KAIBA, saving investors as much as 50% on gas fees. A transaction tax of 1% on buys and 6% on sells is allocated to the growth of the project.

Contract: 0xF2210f65235c2FB391aB8650520237E6378e5C5A

Fees Distribution

30% Marketing

Advertising and promotions to raise project awareness

40% Development

Staffing and ongoing development of new Kaiba products

20% Liquidity

Increasing liquidity pool for more stable trading

10% Treasury

Strategic reserves for CEX listings, vesting, and buybacks

Building The Revolution


KLC (Public Testnet)
KLC Control Center
KLC Testnet Faucet
KaibEx-KLC Bridge
Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS)
Strategic Partnerships
KaibaLabs Partnerships
KLC Integrations
Cross-Chain Bridging
Cross-Chain DEX
Strategic Partnerships
KLC Launch (Mainnet)
KLC-Kaiba Metaverse
Additional KLC Integrations
Blockchain Partnerships
Real World Partnerships
Expanded Cross-Chain Bridging
Company Expansion
KUSD Stablecoin
Major CEX Listing

Growing Together

KAIBA Partners Program

We welcome strategic partnerships with other projects that share our values of a long-term vision and sustainable utility. For more information on our partnership program, please email or speak to one of our team members on Telegram. In addition, partnered projects under KaibaLabs will benefit from access to our smart contracts, new tech, cross-promotion opportunities, and other partnerships perks.