Who We Are

The KAIBA Ecosystem

Kaiba DeFi's Layer 1 decentralized finance solutions incorporate proprietary gas-efficient smart contract technology. Our mission is to restore affordability to users of Ethereum Mainnet by minimizing the fees associated with transactions.

Enhancing Ethereum

Our Technology

Our products are entirely compatible with Ethereum Mainnet. Using Kaiba DeFi's products and integrating the technology into your project is simple, eliminating the need for complicated bridging solutions.

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  • Public Supply 54%
  • Team Allocation 6%
  • Treasury Reserves 20%
  • Burnt 20%

$KAIBA Token Utility

The Kaiba Economy

$KAIBA is the native currency of the Kaiba DeFi ecosystem. It is used for the low cost of fees and for staking on our proprietary Lightning Chain. In addition, holders of $KAIBA are rewarded with access to advanced features on our products, and are also eligible for exclusive airdrops and partner promotions.

Total Supply: 100,000,000 $KAIBA

The $KAIBA Token


Our proprietary gas-optimizing technology is already integrated into $KAIBA, saving investors as much as 50% on gas fees. A transaction tax of 9% is allocated to the growth of the project, and KaibaEarn will allow holders to stake their tokens to receive rewards for supporting our network.

Contract: 0xF2210f65235c2FB391aB8650520237E6378e5C5A

3% Marketing

Advertising and promotions to raise project awareness

2% Development

Staffing and ongoing development of new Kaiba products

2% Liquidity

Increasing liquidity pool for more stable trading

2% Treasury

Strategic reserves for CEX listings, vesting, and buybacks

Building The Revolution


Fair Launch
Brand Building on Social Media
CMC & CG Listings
Influencer Marketing
First CEX Listing
Kaiba Optimized Contract
KAIGO (Community DAO)
KaibaSwap (Beta launch)
Kaiba Lightning Chain (Testnet Phase I)
Kaiba Partner Program
Kaiba Metaverse Origins
Contract Upgrade
Kaiba Exchange (KaibEx)
Kaiba Lightning Chain (Testnet Phase II)
KLC Nodes
KLC Blockchain Explorer
Team Expansion
Company Registration
Additional Partnerships
Onboard PR Agency
Dubai Conference Delegation

Growing Together

KAIBA Partners Program

We welcome partnerships with other projects that share our values of a long-term vision and sustainable utility. For more information on our partnership program, please email or speak to one of our team members on Telegram. Partnered projects will benefit from early access to our revolutionary technology, cross-promotion opportunities, and other partnerships perks.