Meet The Revolutionaries


At Kaiba, we have assembled a team of developers, entrepreneurs and blockchain enthusiasts with a varied skillset to grow our project. If you are excited about what we’re building at Kaiba and think you are a great fit, we’d love to hear from you! Team players with relentless drive and initiative are always welcomed. Please forward your CV to

Founder | Lead Developer


Founder, lead developer, and visionary of Kaiba, Cristiano has led the teams of several blockchain projects. He is a master of his craft in building scalable, fast, and efficient code at the core of the Kaiba ecosystem.

Co-Founder | Head of Operations


One of the founding members, Oryx is an effective communicator who is instrumental in managing Kaiba partnerships, project documentation, copywriting, and social media channels.

JS Developer


Max is a savvy Full Stack JS developer who works closely with Cristiano to manage Kaiba's blockchain solutions in a supporting role, in addition to building cutting-edge Defi apps of his own.

Head of Branding


Louis makes Kaiba products awesome. As a tech entrepreneur, he brings expertise in branding, web development, UI/UX design, copywriting and product strategy to grow Kaiba's profile.

Head of Community


Tim is a veteran in community management, video editing and outreach campaigns. He is the head of Kaiba's mod team and also ambassador for our French community.

Head of Personnel


An executive search professional, Ian is an expert in translating personnel needs into business solutions. He brings invaluable advisory experience in business strategy, corporate development, and organizational management to Kaiba DeFi.

Solidity Developer


Jason is an accomplished Solidity developer providing support in growing Kaiba's core product suite. Jason brings many years of DeFi experience as a front end developer to the team.



A talented educator, entrepreneur, and innovator, Roger works closely with the Kaiba team in forging worldwide partnerships and to bring affordable DeFi solutions to South America.