Smart Contract Launchpad with Kaiba's Optimized Low Gas Tech

KaibaLabs offers our partners a fork of our contract, allowing your project to boast the most gas-efficient transaction fees, and be more competitive compared to other copy-paste contracts. With a KaibaLabs custom contract, you can be sure transactions won’t be slowed by useless code, and are cost-effective for all your buyers, retail or otherwise.

Why Choose KaibaLabs over other Launchpads?

Not only do we create the most innovative and gas-efficient smart contracts on Ethereum, we also have a dedicated and expert team outside of our developers. With our tiered packages you’re able to access a range of powerful smart contracts, as well as additional value added services. The team members outside our smart contract developers can give you the attention and expertise offered in our tiered products, with invaluable advice we have built over our blockchain careers.

Are there different packages or tiers?

KaibaLabs will offer 4 different tiers of contracts (Base, Silver, Gold, Platinum). At the highest levels, we not only offer the contract service, but also the full support of our partner network and cross-promotional opportunities to ensure your project succeeds.

What we ask of your Project

• Projects that are launching using KaibaLabs products and have pre-sales or private sales should set aside 5 entry spots for $KAIBA holders. These spots will be given away to our holders via a lottery system that individuals can enter each time. We have a strong community, this gives us a chance to further promote your project when announcing each lottery campaign.

• Projects using our services should share appropriate Kaiba branding on their public media, for example a “Powered by Kaiba DeFi” banner on their website. A forward facing approach to talking about your contract being a fork of the Kaiba DeFi smart contract.