A fast and secure blockchain built on a Proof of Reputation Consensus

Kaiba Lightning Chain (KLC) is Kaiba DeFi’s proprietary blockchain and will serve as the backbone of the Kaiba ecosystem. KLC will expand upon the functionality of our products, all the while providing users with the lowest gas fees on Ethereum Mainnet.

How does Kaiba Lightning Chain fit into the ecosystem?

The most important use case for KLC will be the KaibaSwap integration. Current tests of KLC have demonstrated a throughput that is approximately 100x faster than Ethereum Mainnet, as well, transactions on KaibaSwap (Layer 2) approximately $10USD in gas fees and on the KLC (Layer 1) transactions will cost less than a cent.

What will the operating consensus be for Kaiba Lightning Chain?

KLC will operate on a Proof of Reputation (PoR) consensus, similar to the Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus that currently exists on a handful of the most efficient chains. This is what will facilitate both the speed and efficiency of the Kaiba ecosystem and without the challenges of congestion that currently exists on Ethereum Mainnet. Further, IBFT 2.0 will be more than enough to handle high volume and throughput moving forward. The benefits of PoR extend to security by solving the 51% Attack or Majority Attack problem, which occurs when a single person or group of people gains control of over 50% of a blockchain's hashing power.