An optimized DEX that is faster, cheaper and completely seamless.

KaibaSwap is an optimized and enhanced fork of UniSwap, designed to be cheaper on gas fees by up to 30%, with a speed boost, clean of bugs, and also with advanced tools such as slippage settings up to 99%.

Reinventing the Ethereum DEX

We have seen how UniSwap is plagued with user errors and antiquated processes, hence KaibEx was developed as an optimized alternative, whilst maintaining the fundamental processes such as trades being pulled from UniSwap liquidity pools. This isn’t just a fork, it’s a purge of errors, a speed boost, and a gas saving patch.

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Why choose KaibEx

You can trade any ETH token on KaibEx, and in doing so, you save a substantial amount of costs in gas fees compared to competitor DEX swaps. Reported savings reach around 20-30%. For frequent traders, this adds up to substantial savings, making KaibEx a critically important tool for those who are financially prudent and are concerned with getting maximum return on their crypto investments. Additionally, KaibEx is free of bugs, and the process is seamless, often faster than UniSwap due to our optimized code. Finally, expert traders will find it welcomed that KaibEx allows advanced settings such as slippage all the way to 99%, allowing them to gain the upper hand in hyped launches of new tokens.

Trading On KaibEx

Using KaibEx is as simple as any other decentralised exchange. Any token can be traded to and from $ETH. Simply go to, connect your wallet, then enter the contract address of any token into either side of the drop-down menus (or select from the menu if the token is already listed). Next select the token, and you’re ready to trade!

The Future of KaibEx

For those holding our native token $KAIBA, they will have access to future developments. These include, but are not limited to, buy orders, sell orders, and limit orders. These orders will be processed in an order of number of tokens held. For example, if two people submit a buy order for token X the person who holders a greater quantity of $KAIBA will have their order processed first. So the more $KAIBA you have the more prioritised your trade order will be. As always, our products are developed with our end-users in mind, and you can expect even more expert features coming to KaibEx in future updates!


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