KaibEx: Reinventing the Ethereum DEX

At Kaiba DeFi our aim is to provide blockchain solutions, our current focus is Ethereum products, as well as the creation of our own blockchain. Our most recent product on Ethereum is based on a fork of the UniSwap DEX, reconfigured to empower all traders.

What is KaibEx?

Whilst UniSwap is plagued with user errors and antiquated processes we’ve developed an optimized version, whilst maintaining the fundamental processes such as trades being pulled from UniSwap liquidity pools. This isn’t just a fork, it’s a purge of errors, a speed boost, and a gas saving patch. KaibEx is currently in its final beta stage, and we welcome all suggestions and feedback. You can find out how to submit these requests at the bottom of this article.

Saving Gas

As is seen in the image below, using our DEX to trade tokens saves a substantial amount of costs in gas fees compared to competitor DEX swaps. Reported savings reach around 20%, so the higher the gas rates on Ethereum the higher the dollar cost saved. For frequent traders 20% less costs adds up to a substantial saving, making KaibEx a critically important tool for those who are financially prudent and are concerned with reducing output costs as much possible.

A side-by-side comparison of KaibEx and UniSwap, at the same time, the same block, and a saving of 20%

Using KaibEx

Using KaibEx is as simple as any other decentralised exchange. Any token can be traded to and from $ETH. Simply connect your wallet, then enter the contract address of any token into either side of the drop-down menus (or select from the menu if the token is already listed). Next select the token, and you’re ready to trade!

As the project progresses we plan on listing other projects on the available list of tokens in the drop down menu, forgoing the need to input the contract addresses manually.

$KAIBA Utility & Future Development

For those holding our native token $KAIBA they will have access to future developments. These include, but are not limited to, buy order, sell orders, and limit orders. As with all products from Kaiba DeFi we always have the end user in mind.

$KAIBA holders’ buy, sell, or limit orders will be processed in an order of number of tokens held. For example, if two people submit a buy order for token X the person who holders a greater quantity of $KAIBA will have their order processed first. So the more $KAIBA you have the more prioritised your trade order will be.

We will shortly be releasing KaibaEarn, our staking and earning platform. The KaibaEarn interface will exist on KaibEx.com so you never have to leave the website to fulfill your trading and earning needs!