stake $kaiba and earn rewards

KaibaEarn is the staking and farming platform for $KAIBA. Short-term and long-term holders can stake their $KAIBA tokens and receive rewards in the form of our reward token $FANG, stablecoins or participating tokens from partners of Kaiba DeFi.

The Kaiba Difference

KaibaEarn is built on a custom staking contract - highly optimized, and gas-efficient. Whereas most mass replicated staking platform forks consist of 1000 lines of code on average, Kaiba's staking contract consists of around 500 lines code - ensuring that all required functions exist with no junk code present. This means each user interacting will save a significant amount of gas fees, greatly increasing yields accrued over time. As well as increased profitability for users it also allows mechanisms such as compounding of earned interest to be worthwhile.

What You Can Stake

Users will be able to stake their $KAIBA tokens to earn our reward token $FANG. As well as being able to stake the Kaiba DeFi native tokens we will be expanding our staking platform to partner projects, and other projects wishing to work with us.

Staking Periods

Users will have the option of staking their tokens for 1 week or 6 months. Users who stake for longer will enjoy a higher APY, up to 3 times that of shorter locked periods. A staking deposit fee of 1% applies, to prevent misuse of the staking contract. Users can harvest their reward tokens at any given time upon unlocking.

The $FANG Token

Our reward token, called $FANG, is created to provide a paired asset that allow users to receive rewards without adding sell pressure to the $KAIBA token. Users will also be able to stake $FANG on a variety of Kaiba native pools, as well as any non-native tokens pools that are introduced. In addition, $FANG will have other utilized functions, such as allowing holders to gain access to premium level Kaiba products. A further enhanced use of $FANG will be on Kaiba Lightning Chain to fuel liquidity and and operations, other future utilities to be revealed at a later date.

How to Use KaibaEarn

Visit KaibEx, simply connect your wallet, select the pool your wish to enter, and input the amount of tokens you wish to stake, confirm the transaction pop-up that appears. Your staked tokens will then appear and the interface will begin showing your rewards as they are earned.



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