$KAIBA 2.0 Is Live

As outlined in our previous post, our contract has been upgraded to be even more efficient and secure. Our new contract is now able to save an additional 20%-30% on gas fees on top of the previous 40% savings from our earlier prototype tech! Also, we are able to support new tokenomics to support project growth, security measures, plus upgrades to functionality to integrate with our upcoming Lightning blockchain.
If you hold $KAIBA tokens under the previous contract, you will be able to claim your new tokens easily through the button below. The claim period is open indefinitely, so you can choose to claim during a period of low gas if you wish. 


To trade through the new contract, you can buy through UniSwap below:

Buy From UniSwap

To view our new charts, here is our Dextools link:

View Kaiba Chart

Got questions? Email us at team@kaibadefi.com or visit our TG channel at @KaibaDeFiOfficial